Order of the Stick

By Rich Burlew
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Ah, so the Time has Come. From the moment I thought about the idea for this blog, I knew that someday I’d have to face writing about the Order of the Stick. How do you sum up a comic in which individual strips might contain more words than this entire post? Which has one of the most epic and captivating stories I know, spanning several continents, cultures and planes of existence?
Well, only one way to find out, reader. Let’s do this together. I believe in us.

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Questionable Content


In the short history of this blog, we’ve had comics about gods and wombats, about superheroes and vikings. My To-Write List includes comics about fairy tales, fantasy lands, monsters and characters in role playing games (sometimes all at once). Among all these, Questionable Content stands out specifically because it doesn’t do (almost) anything of the sort – it is just about a bunch of humans. And “human” is the key word here.

From QC 810

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By David Malki !
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This was my father's fish! And HIS father's stick!!

Choosing a strip for the start of this review was a no-brainer, seeing as I have a framed print of this one in my house. Just makes sense, really.

Lots of comics have a “random” button, but in Wondermark it might as well always apply.The common element in all of the strips is the art style: figures from Victorian-era woodcuts and engravings are the characters, and are rearranged and repositioned as made necessary by the dialogue or narrative of the strip. This is already quite an unusual choice, but the “humorously weird” dial is turned to eleven with the addition of eccentric dialogue which ranges in topics from Disneyland parades (notice the strip’s tags: children, corpses, popular media) to Jinxing people (with the tag “bears in ill-fitting hats”, which has 4 related strips) to pretty much anything most people can think of – plus lots of things they never will. Continue reading