Order of the Stick

By Rich Burlew
LINK | Updates Erratically

Ah, so the Time has Come. From the moment I thought about the idea for this blog, I knew that someday I’d have to face writing about the Order of the Stick. How do you sum up a comic in which individual strips might contain more words than this entire post? Which has one of the most epic and captivating stories I know, spanning several continents, cultures and planes of existence?
Well, only one way to find out, reader. Let’s do this together. I believe in us.

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By Elsa Kroese & Charlotte E. English
LINK | Updates Thu

My favorite way of reading comics is in bulk. I find a new webcomic, get hooked, and emerge a few sleepless nights later, slowly remembering there are other things to do in life. The story is much easier to follow and to get immersed in, and silly jokes tend to be funnier around 4:30 AM.

However, there is something to be said for following a comic from its early stages. You get to see the story unfold slowly and deliberately. You get to know the characters. You get to score indie/hipster points by saying you were reading it before it was cool. And sometimes, if it’s exceptionally beautiful, reveling in each and every page for a whole week is not so bad.

Spindrift is really fucking beautiful.

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