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By Brian Wood
Read Digitally (Comixology) | Finished (7 Volumes)

Who doesn’t like vikings? Pretty much everyone other than vikings, that’s who.

Comics genius Brian Wood is an enigma; he seems to jump into any scenario with the same agility and verve as the next one . Whether it’s a dystopian New York or the frozen steppes of Iceland, his stories carry a grace that is undeniable. Northlanders, then, explores the violent and beautiful world of the viking, in all its forms: from England and the monasteries to the brutal siege of Paris. The story is vast, deep and touching with an uncanny ability to deal both with cruelty and with empathy.

To give you a small taste, the first issue follows Sven the Returned as he returns home from Byzantium. There, he finds his island controlled by his drunkard of an uncle and must cleave a bloody path through his own men to get what is his by right and Norse law. In sharp contrast however, one storyline in the later volumes follows a hunter as he chases the only deer he’s seen all winter. It’s either the deer or the hunter’s family as he faces loneliness and his own weakness on the frozen plains of the North.

Accompanying the great words of Wood are a host of amazing artists like Fiona Staples (Saga), Ryan Kelly (Lucifer) and Riccardo Burchielli (DMZ). The world really pops to life, whether it be gore filled combat scenes (of which there are many) or cerulean seas. This high caliber of artwork is an indispensable tool for a master such as Wood and he really utilizes it to its fullest: the words blend with the scenery to create breakneck action and speed.

In short: swords, vikings, seas and combat. What more could you need? Give Northlanders a read.

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