Order of the Stick

By Rich Burlew
LINK | Updates Erratically

Ah, so the Time has Come. From the moment I thought about the idea for this blog, I knew that someday I’d have to face writing about the Order of the Stick. How do you sum up a comic in which individual strips might contain more words than this entire post? Which has one of the most epic and captivating stories I know, spanning several continents, cultures and planes of existence?
Well, only one way to find out, reader. Let’s do this together. I believe in us.

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Hi everyone,

There haven’t been any new posts in a while, since I was on vacation. However, from now on I’ll keep you updated on stuff like this – through the blog’s Twitter account! I’ll also use it for updating you on things like webcomics’ Kickstarters and so on. Come, follow, enjoy!

Oh, and there’ll be a new real post soon.